Cruises through Panama Canal

Princess Cruises Panama Canal

Exploring the Panama Canal is a beautiful adventure but it is also a chance to get to know the history of this area and how it came to be known as the “Panama Canal”. When you choose to go on Princess Cruises Panama Canal, you’ll get the chance to experience the comfort and luxury that comes from booking your tour with one of the most experienced and affordable cruise liners in the industry.

Reputable Tour Operators

When you book with Princess Cruises Panama Canal, you’ll be provided with experienced tour operators that will assist you in getting to know this exciting area. They will not only teach you about the history of the area but they will also inform you about exciting activities and places to see when you stop over in certain areas of the canal. As you make your way through this historic and wondrous area, you’ll be able to locate the best shopping areas, get to know the locals and simply make your journey worthwhile.

Increased Safety measures

When you’re away from home, you are always putting yourself at risk but you don’t need to worry about this when you book with Princess Cruises Panama Canal. These tours are designed with your safety in mind so you never have to worry about whether you’re going to make it home in one piece or not.

Booking Tours in Advance

One of the best things about booking a cruise is the fact that you can organize tours along the way. The problem with booking your tours once you are on the ship, however, is the fact that they are often fully booked. If you have booked with Princess Cruises Panama Canal, you can choose to book your tours of this area well in advance so you can rest assured that the next time you reach a port, you’ll be able to go exploring, led by a knowledgeable and experienced tour guide.

Before you book one of these tours, contact your cruise company and find out what tours they have to offer. There are so many choices available to you that you don’t simply need to choose whatever comes along; see what they have to offer and pick a tour that you can really write home about.

The 14 Day Panama Canal Cruise

When booking with Princess Cruises Panama Canal, you will be able to spend 14 days crossing through the canal for only $2949. This trip will see you aboard the Coral Princess where you will depart from Fort Lauderdale and make your way through the Panama Canal at a slow and leisurely pace.

The 107 Days World Cruise

If you have an adventurer’s spirit, why not take the 107-day world tour with Princess Cruises Panama Canal for $25 836. This tour departs from Fort Lauderdale, on the Pacific Princess, and it will really give you something to talk about when you get back home. If you are tired of the same day-to-day events, do something really spectacular and see the world, including the Panama Canal, from the bow of one of the most beautiful ships in the world.

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