Cruises through Panama Canal

Celebrity Cruises Panama Canal

When you plan your next holiday on the Panama Canal, you’ll want to make sure that you choose a cruise company that will offer you everything from spacious accommodations to some of the most exciting tours of this area. Celebrity Cruises Panama Canal is one of the most respected companies in this industry and they continue to expand their ships and their tours of one of the most beautiful areas of the world.

Choosing your Celebrity Cruises Panama Canal Package

Celebrity Cruises have a variety of packages to offer their customers- from quick day cruises to 15 nights along the canal. Before you purchase one of these packages, it might be a good idea to find out exactly what they have to offer and what each package includes. The majority of the packages will take care of:

Certain meals, beverages, air transfers and gratuities are not included in these packages so you will need to ensure that you bring along enough cash to take advantage of everything these cruises have to offer.

15 Nights Eastbound Panama Canal Cruise

The Eastbound Celebrity Cruises Panama Canal package is one of the most popular options for tourists who are looking to explore this area. Those onboard the Celebrity Century will depart from San Diego and sale through the canal over 15 nights. For an ocean view room on the Celebrity Century, you can expect to pay about $1549.

15 Nights Westbound Panama Canal Cruise

When you choose the 15 nights Westbound Panama Canal Cruise, you’ll sail through the canal on the Celebrity Century and pay around $2399 for an ocean view room. This soothing experience will leave you breathless with all of the scenery along the way and you won’t miss out of any of these fantastic views simply by looking out of the window from your spacious accommodations.

Celebrity Cruises Panama Canal Departure Dates

Before you book your next Celebrity Cruises Panama Canal, it is a good idea to look through the departure dates that are on offer and the areas in which the Celebrity Century departs. For your convenience, there are many different departure locations to choose from, as well as many ports that the Celebrity will stop over during the course of the journey. During the months of October to April, these cruises are extremely popular so it is best to book early so that you can be assured of a place onboard. Some of these tours are fully booked months in advance and you don’t want to be left out of any of the action!

Choosing your Excursions

When you book a trip with Celebrity Cruises, you’ll be able to choose your own excursions during the day. Make sure you take note of the stopover points so that you can plan your trips accordingly. It is also best to contact the cruise company to find out what excursions they have to offer at each stopping point so that you can choose to take part in the activities that you enjoy the most.

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