Cruises through Panama Canal

Panama Canal Cruises Reviews

Panama Canal cruises reviews vary, depending on the cruise companies behind each trip. Reading through reviews from those that have previously been in the area will assist you in making the best decision with regards to your own holiday and save you from spending your money on a cruise company that will not assist you in making the most of your holiday. Finding the best cruise company for your trip will ensure that you enjoy every minute of the trip and provide you with memories that will last for many years to come.

The most popular cruise companies in the industry are:

Small Ship Panama Canal Cruises Reviews

The reviews on Small Ship Cruises have been very positive. Those that enjoy taking part in holidays with small groups are able to board a ship with only a small amount of people and experience areas of the Panama Canal that might not be accessible to larger ships. If you want to participate in a more intimate holiday, where you can meet those that are on the trip with you, you’ll enjoy what Small Ship Cruises has to offer you. For a ticket on board one of these ships, you should expect to pay about $3450.

Celebrity Panama Canal Cruises Reviews

If you are looking for luxury onboard one of the Panama bound ships, Celebrity Cruises will be able to offer you all of this and more. When you pay $2399 for a ticket, you’ll be able to make use of some of the exciting facilities that they have on board, including the AquaSpa service. When on board one of these ships, you’ll want to ensure that you have an ocean view room so that you can take in all of the glorious sites of the Panama Canal without having to wonder onto a crowded deck in order to do so.

Princess Panama Canal Cruises Reviews

The Princess Cruises are all about experienced tours and they put a lot of effort into hiring only the best guides for every tour. If you are interested in seeing more than the Panama Canal waters from aboard your ship, you will need to pay $2949 for a Princess Cruise ticket.  

Carnival Panama Canal Cruises Reviews

The Carnival Cruises are all about natural attractions and water sports and it only costs $649 per person for a 14 day cruise along the Panama Canal. Your trip with Carnival Cruises includes swimming with the dolphins and snorkeling; activities that you simply cannot miss out on if you are visiting the beautiful area of Panama.

Choosing the Right Cruise

Before you choose one of the options provided to you by cruise companies, you should make sure that you know what you are looking for in your cruise. If you do not want to spend a lot of money on your trip, there are many cruise companies that will charge you a fraction of the usual cost but you’ll need to be prepared to pay more for extra activities and onboard facilities.

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