Cruises through Panama Canal

What To See On A Cruise Through Panama Canal

Planning a cruise through the Panama Canal is both exciting and tricky; with so many attractions and exciting activities, how can you decide what to see on a cruise through Panama Canal? The canal area is filled with pristine beaches and tropical rainforests, making it difficult to choose what to see on cruise through Panama Canal but a tour that lasts about 15 days will ensure that you get to experience much of what this beautiful area has to offer.

When you book your next trip through the islands, make sure you add the following destinations to your “must-see” list:

The San Blas Islands

When you are deciding what to see on cruise through Panama Canal, you should not let the San Blas Islands be exempted from your do-to list. These islands are not only great for lazing around in the sun, enjoying the bliss and slow pace of the island life but they also contain great coral reefs, making them the perfect places for snorkeling and diving. The Panama Canal’s beauty is not simply located above the water; life beneath it is teeming with glorious sites.

The Bocas de Toro

The Bocas de Toro is teeming with life, both within the white sandy beaches to the rainforest and it is not a sight to be missed, especially if you are accustomed to city life so ad this to your list of what to see on cruise through Panama Canal. When visiting this area, make sure you take a tour of this eco paradise.

The Beaches of Panama

There is no site quite like a white, sandy beach and Panama has been graced with amazing shorelines. If you are thinking about spending some time lying around on the beaches, drinking fresh fruit juices right out of the shell of the fruits, this is just the place for you.

The Chirique Highlands

The Chirique Highlands are filled with beaches and rich, Indian cultures. If you are interested in experiencing what the locals have to offer in terms of clothing, food and language, you simply cannot miss out on this location.

Choosing your Ideal Location

Before you decide what to see on cruise through Panama Canal, make sure you ask the locals about their favorite spots, speak to travelers who have been to the area and ask your local tour guides. Truly getting to know the Panama Canal and everything this area has to offer is an inspiring experience but you cannot simply learn about the best places from a piece of paper; you need to find out from people who have been to the area. Listen to what they have to say, what experiences they have had and where they would return to if given the chance.

Once you have a list of ideas, find out where your ship will be stopping off throughout the trip so you can determine whether you’ll be able to take part in these activities or not. Nothing is more exciting than experiencing a place through the eyes of the locals.

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