Cruises through Panama Canal

Cruises through Panama Canal

The most exciting holidays are often those where we get to explore new places, meet new people and shop until we drop. The Panama Canal has slowly become one of the main tourist attractions for people all over the world and with everything that this location has to offer, it is no surprise that tours are fully booked months in advance. Cruise companies are now expanding their departure dates and locations to be able to accommodate even more tourists visiting this area.

The History of Cruises through Panama Canal

Cruises through Panama Canal have become exceedingly popular and the history of the canal goes back many years. Between 1904 and 1914, the U.S began building the canal to improve trade routes from the pacific to the Caribbean and it soon became apparent that this route was not only necessary but extremely popular to both tourists and businessmen alike. Over time, however, tensions arose due to the fact that Panama wanted the right to call the canal their own and it was in 1977 that a Treaty was signed, stating that the canal was a neutral international waterway. In 1999 the canal was finally placed back into the hands of Panama and this is where it has remained until today.

The Most Popular Cruises through Panama Canal

When the canal first became open for holiday cruises, there were only a few companies offering this type of holiday but this has quickly expanded to include cruise favorites, such as:

You can now book your own 14 day cruise through the canal for about $799 to $1549, depending on which company you choose to book your holiday through.

Cruise Season in the Canal

There are certain times of the year when the canal becomes flooded with tourists; this is called cruise season in the canal and it lasts from October to April. The rainy season ends around November and this is when people flood to the canal to experience the sunshine and beautiful views that this area has to offer.

Departure Points and Routes of Cruises through Panama Canal

Cruises through Panama Canals depart from various locations, including Fort Lauderdale, Miami, San Diego and many more. The variety of locations on which these cruises depart make it easy for travelers to book a departure point and this only adds to the appeal of cruising through one of the most beautiful canals in the world.

Determine the Length of your Cruise

The length of your cruise will not only affect the amount of activities you can take part in, but it will also determine the price you pay for your cruise. If you are looking for a short, one-day cruise, you won’t be able to travel through the entire canal but you will get to see some of the wonders that this area has to offer. If you are truly looking for an adventure, however, you can choose a month-long cruise that will allow you the time to explore every exciting part of this canal.

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